The bathroom, although it may seem simple, is one of the most complex parts of your home.  When it comes to renovating this portion a lot of care and dedication must go into designing a functional and appropriate looking layout.  Your bathroom is one of the most complex areas due to water flow, which if not properly complete can affect your sink(s), toilet, shower/bathtub, air, cabinetry, lighting, flooring and much more.  Even though the bathroom can be a complex job in itself, at Contempo Renovation Solutions are also here to make it one of the most beautiful parts of your home.  


Trusting the experts when it comes to bathroom renovations is important and a job that if not done properly can turn disastrous.  As experts in our field we know the do's and don'ts when it comes to upgrading, renovating and transforming your new bathroom. Whether you live in a condo, townhouse, semi-detached or detached home we are able to help, providing custom ideas that fit your personality and follows the route you want to take with the project itself.  


By following your budget and staying on track we are able to provide our expertise with design features and subtle elegant changes that will make the room light up brighter than you could ever have imagined.  We try to help bring your personality out when we meet to start the process of design and rendering, which will help with visualization of the final product itself. During this stage we try to make sure standard is never mentioned in the equation as following this route could lead to a disappointing outcome. We take your imagination, your dream of a beautiful bathroom and make it into a reality. 


While not all renovations are truly necessary, in the case of the bathroom, we say it is! There is no need to make the entire room out of gold but making sure that your fixtures and finishes are of the highest quality is something of importance.  This is the case as a bathroom renovation should last years, never get old or boring and have an appeal to everyone.  By cementing this idea before starting the process it can help open your mind to our expert renovation services in which we will provide guidelines on the best way to spend your budget. While renovations are not cheap, if budgeted properly the final product will look exactly how you imagined it would.    


In the long term a bathroom renovation will help to increase your homes value.  This is because down the road when the house is eventually sold, rooms that are more modern and up to date will easily sell better than those living in the past.  Prospective buyers are always looking for homes that fit their personality without needing to gut the entire place.  By creating a beautiful final product not only will you enjoy the bathroom now and for years to come, but be thankful for future buyers.  If you are ready to get started on a bathroom renovation trust the experts and give us a call or send a message.